Thursday, September 8, 2011


Oh its been awhile...I could list every excuse in the book but mainly I think my issue is or has been lack of motivation or inspiration for that matter! This summer has been a rollercoaster of emotions with Reuben leaving to work in Regina and than coming back and going on holidays and than him leaving again and not seeing him for a month and than going on holidays without him and than seeing him and him leaving once again and than seeing him shortly after him leaving because of a death in the family and than him leaving again and now we will not see him for another month! (sorry for all the "ands") Happy, sad, happy, sad..seems to be the rhythm. But we press on and adjust because life has to go on and I love my husband for working hard and providing for his family! I just wish somedays he could take on a small that is about 2 feet tall and screams a lot! But alas he remains with me and copies what mommy does...whether she likes it or not. I fear my child has hit the terrible twos about 4 months early. Terrible tends to now follow us outside and even to the stores. Joy!

I received this week in the mail Lucas' first teething necklace made of hazelwood. I basically ripped it out of the package, corraled the child, put it on him and stared at him with possible crazy eyes waiting for the miracle to unfold in front of me. He pulled at it and whined and sat down and pulled at it and looked at me with a look of  "a collar mum?? what is this thing??" Fortunately he lost interest ,as per usual when your attention span is about 5 seconds, and does not seem to notice it anymore! 2.5 days later and he seemed happier today, for the most part. Could it be because one of the 6 teeth trying to make it threw all at once popped threw or because this necklace is working?? Time will tell. I guess I have to give the kid sympathy..I know that when i am in pain i can be a rotter too! Now i just need a necklace that fixes attitude as well! I think my back is out from Lucas limp-noodling it when he doesnt get his way. Of course they always know the optimum time to perform this act of the middle of the road when mommy is carrying multiple items and a vehicle is waiting for you to cross the road, sitting in the shopping cart and crossing legs and contortioning at the sametime makes for hours of fun, in the middle of the mall on the get the picture! Oh he is strong willed but so is his mommy, so he can try tricks all day but he aint getting nothing! God must have paired us up right!

When he isnt trying his very best to cause the house to fall down he can be a rather funny little clown! He loves to make faces and try to make you laugh..his expression are priceless and as he is learning to talk i'm beginning to believe aliens have taught him! He has quite a few words thrown in there with his gibberish that only I seem to be able to interpret half the times..i'm starting to believe i could survive on another planet! He prefers to "pound it" over "hi fives| and loves to kiss you on the lips making the mmm sound! When I take him shopping he says hi to absolutely everyone he sees till they turn around and talk to him and than he stares at them like they have two heads, so they walk away and than he says "buh bye" incessantly until he cant see them anymore! Funny little man! With Reuben being gone everytime he hears or sees a truck (tractor as he calls it) he says dadda..even though dadda doesnt drive a truck..he doesnt do it with a car, just with trucks! Must be telling us we need a truck! He has a new fun game of climbing ontop of the couch and falling/sliding off the other side and repeating..sometimes the feet dont land first..mommy is not too found of this game but likes to choose her battles. Unfortunately I keep saying that Lucas wants to see the inside of the Children's hospital..I on the otherhand really really dont! Why did God only give mothers two hands and two eyes??

My mother survived me and I will survive Lucas..but i dont just want to survive...i'm trying to soak in the moments when he sits quietly beside me and reads a book, or the look on his face when i have been away and he runs full boar into my arms with the biggest smile! Those are the moments when you realize your not just "surviving" but "living"! Living and breathing in the small things and trying not two sweat too much on the bigger ones!