Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 1-8, 2013

This week was full of so many fun things!! Lucas loved doing lots but that also led to many tired days and meltdowns! As much fun as it is to have something every day a few recovery days are needed as well! Lucas being the social little guy that he is wants to do something every day regardless of how tired he or his mommy might be...but I think it is important for him to learn to just "be" and enjoy home  time and "quiet" time, (even though quiet time in this house usually only lasts for 5 mins) so I try to make sure that we have a few normal days in a week. Adalynn so far just goes along for the ride and sleeps when she needs to sleep...I need to enjoy this before she starts getting into a more set schedule as outings will prove to be a little more difficult to plan around her! Its amazing to see the changes even a week can bring in her. She is so smiley now and loves to "talk" to you when you change her bum! Shes noticing more and more of her environment and wants to see everything going on.

Phone pics of the week: first family swim at Cardel with our NP church and Lucas
hamming it up on the way to Three Hills

Playing outside at his cousins house


Love his little face in this one! (Simeon)

Chilling with dad

Celebrating Sim's 1st Bday!

He was kicking his little feet so fast with excitement!

This is always what happens when I try to get pictures of these three! Enjoyed having
my sister and nephew stop in for the day. (my mom was also her spending the week)

Such a beautiful day..walk to the park!


Monkeying around

Trip to the zoo with mom

My beautiful mother!

For some reason when the hippos are outside Lucas is not scared of them..but
when they are swimming in their pool he will not go up to the glass cause he
is scared of the giant hippo butt!!! I guess things do look bigger in the water..haha!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April 23-30, 2013

I always thought that the days flew by with one kid let alone another! Time is passing and somedays too quickly. We bought Lucas his first pedal bike this week. (on a sidenote he doesn't know how to pedal yet because he has had his runbike) It took him awhile to warm up to it but after a couple days he was starting to get the hang of it! We also met up with my sister and a few of her relatives in Olds to do some bowling. The kids had never bowled before and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Definately will do that again! Adalynn is so much more alert now when she is awake and really starting to notice her environment and smiling at people now...however I have yet to capture it on camera of course!

Finally nice enough to bike outside and play!

Morning snuggles

So big already!

New bike

Whats up mom?

Blue eyed girl (2 months!)

The three cousins

Excellent bowling form!!

My sister hanging with Adalynn..till she started screaming of course!

Uncle Curt helping the kids..or learning from them!?!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April 16-23, 2013

Apparently this week was all phone pics! Not the greatest quality but enough to capture the fun moments! Reuben was off for most the week so a few days were spent just having fun! 

Evening snuggles with my special girl!

Treating the kids to an impromptu ice cream run! Lucas did not go to bed until  10:30 that night!!

First time at Tommy K's..dont know who had more fun...Uncle Casey or Daddy!

Reuben racing Bailey!

Trying to figure it out!

Can't believe Lucas was once this small! 
Attached to her soother already!

Monday, May 13, 2013

April 8-15, 2013

   Every thursday morning our church has a moms group where we sit around drink coffee, eat and watch the kids play and occasionally pull them off of each other as they fight over toys...and than drink more coffee and more coffee...

Adalynn "playing" with her friends at mom's group
    Still a little bobble head but getting stronger all the time!

My sweet boy!

Beautiful girl!
 Lucas loves to help me in any way he can! I figure I better enjoy the fact that he wants to help now and not get frustrated that things aren't perfect!

Unloading the dishwasher (I make sure to put away all the sharp knifes first!)

Morning snuggles
Sunday pictures

He asks almost everyday if baby is big enough to play toys now! He is so not the independent child and loves to play with kids, me and apparently a sleeping baby! The great thing is that when she is older she will have him to entertain her!
Parking cars around Adalynn

April 1-7 2013

    I've decided to change my picture blogging a little bit. Instead of everyday I want to post my favorite pictures of the week! Things have been slightly crazy with a baby, high demand preschooler, packing and dealing with moving soon so instead of stressing about a picture a day I want to focus on enjoying the pictures that capture the my favorite moments as the days go by!

     One of my favorite things so far about having Adalynn is watching how much her big brother adores her! He never seems to get tired of kissing, hugging, singing or holding her! I envision him being her protector when she is older but also envision the fights they will have as I had with my brother growing up!

Loving on her

He actually laid still with her on top for about 5 mins!

Hushing her

Exhausted from all that baby watching! haha!