Monday, October 10, 2011


          There was a lot to be thankful for this year...however there is always a lot of things to be grateful for! This year was even more special because Reuben was home after being away working for 4 weeks. Needless to say both I and Lucas were very happy to see him! Lucas would giggle and yell Dadda everytime that Reuben had left the room and came back in if he was out of sight for quite a few minutes. It was too cute! I think he missed having attention from two parents instead of just one! We spent Thanksgiving in Three Hills again this year so that we could join both our families for meals and of course expand our waistlines a little more!! We like to call Three Hills foodcation because between my parents, Reuben's Oma & Opas, Reuben's parents and Reuben's sister and her husband the meals are endless and wonderful!! I swear they are trying to feed us so that we can't move and thus are not able to leave! Instead we are like any wild animal..keep feeding them and they keep coming back! Haha!
            We were able to convince my dad to snap a few shots of our family as this would be that last time for awhile that we would get the chance! Thanks Dad, it means a lot! This was not an easy task with a very grumpy toddler...and no amount of funny faces and Nana jumping about wildly was getting this kid to smile! But miracously we were able to get maybe two of him smiling and that was all we needed! I snapped a few more of him just playing around with his daddy and the leaves!

love this one! Love these two!

This is my son...a look of wonderment..analyzing and looking...figuring stuff out!
my lil family

we call this the "Lucas sandwich"... makes him laugh everytime!

Most definately a "framer"


My hubby, my best friend!!

GQ baby!

If u look really closely u will see a tear under his left eye...remanence of us
scarring him with photo taking!

These are the eyes I have to say "no" to all the time!

My neice Asha and her dadda!

Love this one! Such a typical sisters shot...the little sister wrecking
the big sister's shot! Amiyah and Asha!

Lucas traumatized by another picture. 4 generations!

LOVES papa time!
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