Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today you are 1!

           Today our baby girl turns 1. She has officially passed on from baby to toddler and more and more every day, a little girl! We still call her baby though and I'm not about to give that up anytime soon. Her brother still affectionately calls her "his baby" when we are out and about and explaining to people just who she is! I remember celebrating Lucas' 1st birthday with such excitement..everything he did was so exciting cause it was a first for all of us. But this time around, it brings with it a measure of sadness for me. I wish that time would slow down, that snuggles would last longer, that toothless grins would grin a little longer, that baby chub (on the baby..not me!) would hang on a little longer, and that she would still need her momma as much as her momma needs her. I think the sadness comes because I know as she grows that she will need me less and less and become more independant, learning things on her own and figuring out who she is as a person! But with this sadness come excitement to see just who she will be, who she will be more like, what traits she will have..good or bad. She is a miracle (as is every baby!), she is a blessing, she is a gift and most importantly she is loved to the moon in back! Here's to my happy, go lucky, silly, fearless baby girl. Happy birthday baby girl..we love you soo much!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Big 4!!

my little man a few days old

     Today my little boy will be 4 years old! I feel like 4 is so much older than 3. Toddler to big kid! He went from a toddler needing my help all the time to a big kid able to accomplish tasks on his own. But there are moments (and forgive me but I love these moments) where I see that little itty bitty boy that still needs his mommy to help and comfort him and I pray that he will always need me..I just know it will be in different ways as he grows! His heart is so big and gentle. He may not always show his gentle side physically (what boys do) but his words and actions will show it!

1 year

     Its been a big year for him:
  • became a big brother to Adalynn
  • sold our little townhouse and moved to a big house in Airdrie
  • learned to ride a two wheeler
  • will wake up in the night and take himself to the bathroom (yay!)
  • started preschool (which he absolutely loves!!)

2 years
       I love watching his imagination develop and his skills! He is going to be a Jack of all trades like his daddy I think! So good with his hands and keen to try new things. He received his first big boy lego set for Christmas and he sat at the table for a few hours (with a couple breaks) determined to build his entire set with minimal help..he followed the instructions and got the little pieces together! So proud of him and his ability to focus on something longer that 5 mins! He is a bright one and doesn't miss much...which reminds us that we need to be more careful or what we say and do around him! I am not a fan of the attitude that comes with being he 4 or 13?? My mother always reminded me that when I had children of my own I would have one that was just like me...well she got her wish...however she forgot that she would have to babysit!! He is STUBBORN...if I could make the letters bigger I would! One day he will make a great boss or something of the sorts...for now we hope to not break his stubborn little spirit but remind him that obeying and respecting people of authority (ie. his teacher or other adults) is such an important part of developing into the strong man he will become one day! Pray for our patience! :P

3 years

  • what do you want to eat Lucas? "hippo pancakes!"
  • there is a little girl in his class named Adalynn as well, he leads her around class, helps her with her shoes and tries to carry her (cause she is a little squirt)..I asked why he liked her so much and he said "cause I take care of Adalynn's mom!"
  • I was having a rough day one day and burst into tears with frustration while eating lunch with him and he looked at me and said "Mommy...why are your eye's dripping?"
  • lately his saying for anything is "I'll show ya mom" (emphasis on ya!)
  • "Is Jesus a girl or a boy? Cause he's got long hair!"
  • Whenever we leave the house and are driving away he makes us say "bye house!!"
  • We were having a conversation about how God can see us (such a complicated conversation to have with someone so little!) and he exclaimed with such awe "God has really really big eyes!!!"
  • In the summer I was trying to teach him about strangers (he will talk to anyone!! Which is good but bad...) and after that conversation we were shopping at Lowe's one day and whenever we passed someone he would loudly pipe up at anyone that passed by.."HI!! Are you a stranger?? Mommy says I'm not suppose to talk to strangers so are you a stranger? What are you doing? What is that?" etc. If you know Reuben at all you can picture his very red face at those moments!!
I wish I could remember more of what he says but our days are full of them and his chatter never ending! I try to soak it in and respond with excitement at all his little stories and question's but I know I fail to do that and often answer with exasperation after the 100th question. I need to remind myself that one day the roles with flip and I will be the one asking questions and he answering with exasperation!

Almost 4 years

"Lucas we love you and your zest for life! You are such a good big brother and love your sister so much..sometimes too much..and you can't wait to show her and teach her things! (lets hope they aren't to get into's to hoping, right?) Keep your big heart, your big smile and your love of people! We are so proud of you and your ability to want to learn new things! We pray that you will learn to love your God..with big eyes.. as your maker, heavenly Father and friend! Bring on the 4's buddy!" Love, Mommy and Daddy!