Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trusting God!

So today my husband had a meeting with his boss who owns "The Dent Clinic". (he removes dents from cars with specialized tools by manipulating them..that is about as technical as i can get!) Anyhoo he is the lead tech at the shop where he is now and in a few months is suppose to run another Dent Clinic that is slated to open up here in the NW side of Calgary in a few months. Great opportunity, yes. Great location (not far from home), yes. A less stressful shop than the one he is at now, yes. All in all sounds like a great deal and one that we have been looking forward to since he virtually started last year. So the meeting today was to start setting up a business plan for the new store. For those that dont know my husband very well he is very business minded and analytical. He is great with money and has ideas flowing from his brain all the time! People look to him all the time to solve the problems within the shop that he is in now..even those that are "above" him. Well all those "ideas" that he was bringing forth to his boss today were shot down. "No chance" according to him. The money aspect of it is a concern as well considering that I am now off of EI and not heading back to work fulltime. He was hoping to get a set amount of money for the amount of work that he will be doing considering he will be managing as well as pushing dents. Well that number that his boss gave him was not the greatest (not really ballpark of what Reuben was thinking!) and he was told that maybe "I" need to start working fulltime! Who has the balls (sorry!) to tell someone that their wife should be working fulltime??  Needless to say neither of us were too impressed by this meeting. But this is months away and there are other "plans" in the works. As well this money aspect was worse case of what he would be making and there is always the potential of making more. So this dream of the new shop being something of greatness now could be something of not so greatness! It is so frustrating when my husband who is an amazing hard worker busts his butt for these bosses of his and they all take advantage of him and never seem to pay him what he deserves! Its hard to not think/wonder what God has in store and why this keeps happening to "us" and even more frustrating now that we have a family to worry about. Is it to much to ask for stability? Regardless I have to keep reminding myself to trust God, that there are things that we just have to cut back on and that in all reality we have more than we could want..more than what other people in this world have. That "dreams" are just what they are.."dreams" and that we need to set our eyes on God and not the unforeseen future cause that can change in a heartbeat! Maybe one day I will understand why it comes easier to other families but not to this moment anyways. It is hard though to be too upset when I have this little monkey walking around (and now climbing!) saying uh-oh at everything he drops, giggling when he drags a shoestring behind him and the cats chase it, throwing me a mischevious smile when he makes it to the top of the couch (laughing when mommy almost has a heartattack!) and when he balances precarously on a box while Rocco (our cat) sits next to him, both of them looking at me waiting for me to dash for the camera that is behind them on the shelve that they know i will not get in time but they enjoy teasing me! He sure does brighten my day! (all it takes is one snuggle from that monkey!) So yes i have a lot to be grateful for and my husband and son are all I need! (and God too of course!)

This is one of Rocco's favorite places to sleep. Lately Lucas is invading it and today he was climbing in to sit and play with Rocco over and over again! Often, after Rocco gets up, I find toys underneath him that I'm always surprised he had been sleeping on them cause they are usually hard plastic. Too funny!
 P.S- I apologize now if my son walks up to you and it sounds like he is saying "ass". He is trying to say "crash!"..unfortunately it doesnt sound like that quite yet!! I especially apologize if he is patting you on the bum while he is saying it!!! :P

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Someone toilet papered my house!
Was it this one?

This one?

Or both?
Hmm..the mystery continues!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Snowy Day

I was so excited that the weather has decided to warm up! I could finally get outside to take some picture of Lucas for his 1 year photos! The Day started out very promising as we headed out to church..sunny and already 2 degrees above zero. We first had to make sure our child was napped and fed before we even could attempt to head outside..grumpy pictures just dont do kids or parents justice! So we headed out shortly after 3:00 to one of my favorite spots in Calgary, Bowness Park.  Now its not actually Bowness Park itself the I love but the many hidden treasures that lie around it. Its spots like this that make me love this city! I happened upon these spots when I use to live in Bowness approx 5 years ago. Well with that foggy brain of mine I seemed to forget about the sun starting to go down early in winter..especially since we were in a valley, so needless to say my idea of nice pictures with just a sweater and hair done all nice were thrown out the window! It was just too cold for us and the little bugger without the warmth of the sun. Regardless he still looked so darn cute all bundled up and had fun exploring his surroundings and of course getting pulled around! So without further adeiu the pictures from yesterday! (some of them anyways!)

There you have it, the poser and his poser dad! :P

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boys will be Boys!

I just got back from a 2 night trip to Three Hills. Now that my "free money" is up (ie-EI) and because I have decided that i will not be going back to work at my old salon I will be making monthly trips out to Three Hills to cut some hair! Why Three Hills you may ask! Well, i have free childcare there! My mom as well as my mother-in-law have both volunteered to watch my darling boy while i galavant around to different houses cutting hair! Now not only do I appreciate the services that my dear mother provides for me, my sister has been using these services as well! And because she needed to be de-mulletfied she decided to come at the sametime as I. Well poor Nana's house looked something like this
who done it??

"It was Jack!!"

Colby looking pretty guilty!

Oh well lets mess them around a little more!
As far as I know my mother survived..she was still standing when i left her this morning! However the far off stare that she was starting to get in her eyes was starting to concern me! It was sure cute to see the cousins interact though..Lucas was learning what it would be like to be the second child and Colby..well he was using Lucas for practice should there be a threat of any future siblings! Lucas is no longer sure if it is safer to back himself into a corner and hide from the rampaging older cousin or too fake being tired so that he can be placed in his playpen in a quiet room! Either way he shall be walk around he does. Hes learning how to pick himself up off the floor a lot faster thats for sure! I do think that for the rest of his life however, when the word "football!" shalt be shouted within range of him he will shudder and freeze waiting for the inevitable contact of his cousin tackling him to the ground! What doesnt kill them makes them stronger right?? right?? However crazy Colby can be Lucas adores him..i have proof!
eating grapes together

it may appear that he is stealing his bowl but is moving it closer so that Lucas can get at the grapes!

monkey see monkey do

Add caption

just chilling eating some grapes

I am excited to see the adventures these two boys will experience together as they grow up! Although the mom inside of me is cringing...slightly.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Too many faces?

I have been reading a lot of inspiring blogs lately. Or people that have found inspiration or lack there of! I am probably listed under the category of lack there of. I was never one to find inspiration but throughout my life it has landed upon me in the most uninspiring moments. I seem to be inspired by stories that usually end in tragedy. Why? I'm not sure. I think it is because these stories and people seem to inhabit the strength and empowerment that I am not sure I could possess if I was to be faced with the same situation! Sure I would like to think that I could but in all reality in the back of my mind I'm not so sure. For example: the Coble family in the states who lost their 3 kids in car accident! To go from Parents with children to just parents! (there was a miracle that happend a year after the accident that you should look up and read!)When i hear of stories like that the fear creaps in that God will one day test me with that..with a tragedy that i'm not sure i could withstand! But than that verse comes into my head about God not giving us more than we can handle. He must know what we can handle..cause there are days that I sure dont know! And i am sure that these people had at one point thought these things as well. But it is the faith that perseveres...that brings them through. God doesnt let us down! So that is what i have to be inspired faith that is smaller than a mustard seed at times but able to possess the strength to bring down mountains of fear. Cause God is so much bigger than these mountains!! I as well can not live in fear of something happening to my child..yes i would like to put him in a bubble, but i know that i cant, so i need to trust God! I leave you with the many faces of my little monkey...someone commented on his different expressions at the swimming pool yesterday..he does have a lot! He shows every emotion..something that i think we tend to loose as we get older cause we dont want people to know our different "faces"!
Up to Something face

Bored face

whining face

i'm so cute face

mad face

i'm a cheese face

snuggle face complete with the sound effects of "awwww"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cookie Monster style!

Today was Lucas' 1st birthday party! I know he turned one a week ago but it wasnt until his party that I felt it really hit me that he is no longer a baby! Hes on his way to wanting to be more and more independent! I know that he will always need his momma but there are times that i wish i could just snuggle him to bits and never let him go!(as long as he is quiet and not whining in my ear while i am doing it! haha!) One year of one of the most challenging and rewarding times of my life! Before he was born i had an image in my head of what motherhood would be like and more importantly what my child would be like! I think that God had a little chuckle up there in them heavens of His when he listened to the thoughts of us soon to be parents; cause He knows what lessons are to be taught and what tears are going to be shed and what struggles each parent is going to have to deal with and of course how much we are going to have to rely on HIM! The immense love that you feel for your child the second they are born is nothing like you will ever experience in your life! To know that God loves us like that, and how many children he loves like that is unfathomable to us, but in that second you get a glimpse of what that kind of love is like! Nothing prepared me for the rollercoaster of the first months of my child's life. The issues with jaundice, with feeding (getting him to nurse properly) and his slow weight gain. There were days that felt like eternity and i felt like the worst mother in the world! I remember thinking how it was never ending and this stage would last forever and than all of a sudden he is up and walking around! How did that happen?? How did we get here?? Where did my little tiny (if 8lbs can be tiny!) little yellow tanned boy go? The toll that labour and pregnancy can take on ones body and emotions is crazy!! I think that each woman is going to have a little chat with Eve when we get to heaven!! But the human body is amazing and God is amazing and just when you think that you will never ever feel normal in your body again you start to..just a start to see those little numbers on the scale start to drop away (maybe not as fast as you would like them too!) and your emotions start to level out again! Although if you were to ask my husband he might say they are never level!! Pssh what do men know anyways? But even though my body is coming back and a little piece of my mind, i am no longer that same woman i once was! I feel like i can call myself a woman now more so than ever. I feel like that person before Lucas was more of a "girl"! This little person has taught me patience (or lack thereof sometimes!), simple pleasures, compassion (i'm a lot more weepy now than i ever was before!), unbreakable love, that i am too self-centered at times and need to rid myself of that, that smiles are all you need to break you out of a terrible fog in the morning, that coffee really is your best friend, that my husband is a great great man, and that God is huge, bigger than any problem, and loves me like my child loves me through his little innocent eyes even when mommy looses her cool with him! So today we celebrated. Some might say that i went a little overboard with a birthday party that my son will never remember but for me it was a celebration that i made it through a year; that my son is no longer that teeny tiny baby and I am no longer that "girl"!! We have changed and morphed as a family and as individials! Today we celebrated that! (i think my husband is pretty clueless that was what we were really "celebrating" but i will fill him later..or he will read this blog!haha!) Thank you Reuben for standing by me through my many ups and DOWNS and my body changes! I love you! And than you Lucas for putting up with a less than perfect mommy who loves you as perfectly as i know how, but most of all you are God's child before you are mine and he has blessed me with you!! So here are some pics of how we partied it up cookies monster style!!