Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today you are 1!

           Today our baby girl turns 1. She has officially passed on from baby to toddler and more and more every day, a little girl! We still call her baby though and I'm not about to give that up anytime soon. Her brother still affectionately calls her "his baby" when we are out and about and explaining to people just who she is! I remember celebrating Lucas' 1st birthday with such excitement..everything he did was so exciting cause it was a first for all of us. But this time around, it brings with it a measure of sadness for me. I wish that time would slow down, that snuggles would last longer, that toothless grins would grin a little longer, that baby chub (on the baby..not me!) would hang on a little longer, and that she would still need her momma as much as her momma needs her. I think the sadness comes because I know as she grows that she will need me less and less and become more independant, learning things on her own and figuring out who she is as a person! But with this sadness come excitement to see just who she will be, who she will be more like, what traits she will have..good or bad. She is a miracle (as is every baby!), she is a blessing, she is a gift and most importantly she is loved to the moon in back! Here's to my happy, go lucky, silly, fearless baby girl. Happy birthday baby girl..we love you soo much!!