Thursday, May 26, 2011

When there was sun!!

         We finally were able to have a mini-family vaca last saturday for the long weekend! Our destination? Drumheller! We have not been in years! Growing up my family would go all the time for various reasons, whether it was helping Dad with his photography or just driving around checking out the scenery and running and climbing in the badlands! Neither Reuben nor I have been to the museum since we were little so we decided to check it out once more! Interesting? yes! Toddlerproof? No! I seem to remember that there use to be a children's area that was interactive and involved more hands on things...there is no such thing anymore, or my memory serves me wrong! Needless to say our trip through the museum was rather speedy to spare our sanity and possibly paying thousands of dollars because our child "broke" a dinosaur! The highlight of the trip for Lucas was spinning the little globes on stands and the life size saber tooth tiger which was deemed "at, at, at" followed by much pointing and wrestling with Reuben as he proceeded to try and climb the exhibit!

It was rather funny watching him trying to walk across the glass floor!!

We than checked out the splashpark which lasted for about 5 minutes when he realized just how cold the water was on his little tootsies! But yet screamed when we pulled him away and put his shirt back on...sigh..I can't win!

After that we headed to the hoodoos which i loved as a kid and we figured that Lucas could burn off some energy! He moved in about a 3 foot radius, checked out the rocks and sat down. So much for burning energy! Maybe there was less mosquitos at that level??

However we got rather bored and hot from standing there swatting at little incessant bugs that we drug him further up the hoodoos to try a little climbing...

He climbed..a little..and than once he turned around and discovered that it was a little uneven and steeper than he liked he backed down the slope!

Oh well, we had a little bit of a tan to help blend away the bug bites and Lucas had a steady diet of rocks and sand! Yum yum!

Just to show that we do exist as a couple...sometimes!

And to round of the day we crashed my aunt Connie's farm just west of drumheller and let Lucas terrorize her house as well! Thankfully she has raised three boys and there isn't much that hasn't happened in her house! Thanks Auntie!! :)
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding in Review

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being in one of my close friend's Naomi's wedding while Reuben experienced single parenthood for a day! (when in all reality he had my parents help all day!!) These are the highlights of the day! Amazingly the weather held out! It was windy but the sun stayed out all day!

Naomi's new sister in law did a wonderful job on the cake!

The bouquets were absolutely gorgeous and the tables were amazing! Naomi put a lot of hard work into them even to the point of sewing her own table runners!

Our attempt at a family picture was of course the usual...Lucas refusing to smile..oh well I was happy with the cuddles and he was happy to see his mommy finally! (awe...sniff sniff!)

It was also a reunion of friends that haven't seen each other for almost 2 years! Lina's first time meeting Lucas! (Lina is in the bottom left picture on the right..she was in Korea for a few years.) My friend Elaine (bottom left picture on left) who was Naomi's maid of honor is getting married in July and Lina, Caitlin (top left picture) Naomi and I will be bridesmaids for that! Super excited for that as well! Elaine's fiance Chris is in the top left picture as well, and of course that is my handsome husband Reuben in the middle pic!

Unfortunately there wasn't any cake up the nose or hitting the walls behind them. I seem to remember that happening at someone elses wedding!! ;)

Congrats Naomi and Trevor! May you have many happy years to come!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Status changes

Yesterday I felt like I was put in my spot! I ran into an old client while I was at the zoo with my sister and nephew. This client has a little baby that is 3.5 months old and adorable by the way! I asked her how she was liking motherhood and she replied that she loved it! She than asked how I was doing and went on to say how according to my facebook status' it would seem that I am not enjoying it all that much! Ouch! Which I than replied that yes somedays were long which is most likely the days that my status' would reflect! I had a pit in my stomach after that and started wondering how many people think that I am not enjoying being a mother! So my mission is to correct that idea! I love being a mother and I would not change it for the world! Yes somedays are long and trying..but is that not the life with a toddler?? Is that not their mission at this age to test every boundary possibly and push every button possible? Yes..i think so! But as a mother it is my mission to teach and to correct. Somedays I fail and loose my patience more easily than not and otherdays I feel like i'm ontop of things. The nickname "monkey" has stuck with Lucas for so long now and it appears that it will stick for many years to come!! He is mischeavous, he is busy, he is funny/goofy, he is lovable. He is also sensitive and quiet at times! And he is a boy, he gets dirty and eats rocks/dirt/pinecones/ants. And I love him none the less! I love watching him grow and accomplish new tasks and say new words! I believe being a mother is the most humbling of experiences that anyone can ever have! It has taught me to be patient, to watch my attitude, to be selfless, to be cheesy, to forget about the giant mess in the kitchen and sit on the floor and play with my child, that a bigger house/nicer yard/more possessions mean nothing in comparison to having your family, that I need God more than anything, and that the little things are made so much clearer now! I'm not going to the end of the day Lucas' bedtime could not come soon enough but by the morning I am so happy to walk in to his room and great him with the biggest hug and kiss ready to start our day of adventures once more!! So I apologize for the status' that dont relfect the huge blessing that my child is to me..I will be working on changing those! More than likely there will be times that they reflect the kind of day that I am having but more often than not I find I am not the only one in that boat!! Right?? Right??
Fixing the dishwasher with daddy

His new found love!!!

Mother's Day pictures...getting attacked/kissed??

Little blurry but cute anyways

I believe he was whining at this point..not wanting to be held!

These matching tshirts were not planned!! Colby showed up wearing the same one!

Colby loving his cousin "luke"

Playing peekaboo with mommy