Monday, July 8, 2013

June 5 -June 12, 2013

Babies, babies, babies! Another baby girl was born to our great friends/old neighbors, (they use to be our neighbors...they aren't old..yet!haha!) Darcie and Casey on June 6. It will be so fun to see Adalynn grow up with friends so close in age to her! We are slowly getting settled in the new house but I really had to tame down on the packing as I felt like I was overdoing it and started to get dizzy from mear exhaustion! Things do not need to be unpacked all at once...unpacked boxes will be ok for one more day...this was my mantra going through my head! There are a few things that still need to be childproofed as well...or lets say "Lucas" proofed...he's not the average child when it comes to things like really have to think outside the box! Until than there is a lot of calling his name and chasing him around!

Never gets old for me or him!

Loves the jumperoo as much as her brother ever did|!

My "afraid of heights" husband hanging blinds

Adalynn meeting Rylie for the first time! 

Rylie wanting to be saved from the "crazy"

Checking each other out....

And eating each other...

So tiny and so much hair!!!

she was tired!

Her mommy used to make a double chin like that....use to I  said!

So peaceful

Baby Clara came for a visit...Lucas loves holding all the babies!!

May 29-June 5

"D" day has come, moving begins. I however did not capture any pictures of it as my camera ended up packed...and I was much to busy to even think about taking pictures! So here are a few from before and after we moved. Most all taken with my phone...took my awhile to find my camera...eeep!!

Reuben was able to sell his car before we moved which was a huge blessing that
we didn't have to take it with us! He did however shed a little tear...bye Saab!

The packed full living room

the other end

Lucas helping me make french toast for our first morning in
our new house!

He found daddy's cowboy hat. He asked where daddy's horse was....

Cuddles with baby girl in her new room

Exhausted from all the unpacking and excitement...we took a nap on the couch

Netflix entertainment and matching Elmo's!

Ikea fun...shelves for toy organization!

Precious boy!

Eating breakfast with my boy on our new deck while baby slept!

May 22-29, 2013

Packing, packing, packing and more packing! The countdown begins! Trying to pack a house with  one very busy boy and a fussy baby can be utterly frustrating and tiring! Thankfully Nana and Papa took Lucas for a couple days before moving day so that I could get down to business! But in the midst of it all I am trying to enjoy my kids and the stages that they are in and of course have a little fun with them!

First time in the bumbo..not so sure about it!

I took Lucas puddle jumping...we found a giant puddle across the street and
 he went swimming in it..literally...

Met this little miss today! Clara tiny and beautiful!

Goofy baby

So bright eyed! 
My fashionable son!

Packing for Nana's

I was trying to wake her up..she covered her eyes and wouldn't wake up...
don't blame her!

May 15-22, 2013

The days are flying by with these little ones filling my day! My heart is warmed with the smiles that Adalynn produces as she becomes more interactive and awake! Her brother has not grown tired of her and loves to cuddle and kiss her and of course is ecstatic that he can produce smiles himself! A couple more weeks and we will be moving from our little townhouse into a house with much more space. Bittersweet as will be leaving behind neighbors that have become apart of our family and life. And bittersweet as leaving behind the house where we brought both our children into.

loving her playmat

Miss Bailey Boo

Lucas and Bailey playing "Bus"

This is what happens when I ask my child to get dressed

Just when you think she can't get any cuter!
 I snapped a few pics at our lifegroup gathering. We meet together every two weeks or so and just let the kids play and the adults visit and fellowship together. There are a lot of kids in our group which can mean lots of chaos and noise but love being able to bring our kids with us!

Lucas loving the tramp

Kai gardening

Zac is such a ham!


Liam's mommy Regan expecting a little sibling come  October

Boys and sand

Jackson checking everything out

Trying to soak up snuggles whenever I can!