Monday, January 2, 2012

Lucas turns 2!

     Its hard to believe that 2 short years ago Lucas entered our world! (I say short..but somedays it feels like an eternity!!) Life has never and will never be the same again! Good, the bad and the ugly! Lucas and I had a rough start to beginning our mommy/son relationship. I prefer to block out the memories of labour and the word "vacuum" out of my head! He scared daddy from the start...I think he thought his child was going to be headless! He came pre-tanned as well and decided that he preferred to sleep over eat..which does not bode well for a tiny little infant and his mother! Back to the hospital we went for a little light therapy and a night from hell (as my lovely husband likes to refer to it as! I however have experienced more of those...hush hush!).

We survived however and lived through the next few months of me teaching my child to nurse properly. (me being too stubborn to give up was an understatement!) Other than feeding problems and gas problems Lucas was a fairly content baby. From early on we could tell he was an observer and thinker. He never liked to cuddle facing in and always had to be looking around. He barely made any babbling noises for that matter but rather took it all in! He wanted to move early and started crawling (or bum scooting/propelling himself) around 7 months and took his first steps at 10 months. Thus he was into everything rather quickly! Once he could walk he started trying to climb and well...once he started to climb it was all downhill (literally) from there! Nothing was safe.
Lucas at 15 mos using his pushcar to climb onto the kitchen chairs.
 Rookie mistake? Having a stepstool with wheels!
         I now have shelves in my living room attached to the wall at an optimum height that contain everything from camera equipment, permanent markers, glue, batteries..etc! I do realize that one day he will grow and be able to reach these shelves but for the sake of my sanity I am hoping that we move before than! For the past year my kitchen table has not looked normal as I had to either a.) get rid of chairs or b.) box them in the corners so he couldnt move them. I chose 'b' as it was the easiest option. Sadly this only lasted so long as some phenomana happens where children gain more strength as they get older. So long mommy's mental sanity!! Surely one day soon I will catch him on top of my refrigerator!
          With age comes experience and confidence. I now hardly bat an eye when I find my child at the top of the cat tree, change table, kitchen table, couch, desk, ladder, tree (ok that one hasn't happen yet..not that he hasnt tried.) I really have to thank his older cousin Colby, though, for teaching Lucas the things that he hasn't quite figured out. Like how the couch is a great landing target off the coffee table, or the stairs a great slide, or pulling cushions off couches and jumping on them like trampolines,  or how his lungs are capable of making even louder noises than he thought possible! We really do love you Colby, your little cousin idolizes you!

     The funnest thing about watching Lucas grow is watching his personality shine through more and more. He is such a monkey. He loves to make people laugh and makes every possible face to get you to! His little cheesy smile is infectious, crooked teeth and all! It is amazing to watch him use his hands. He has always had great motor skills and is becoming more evident as he grows! He watches you like a hawk and can pick up on things rather quickly...which means we really need to mind our "p"s and "q"s!! We love you buddy and look forward to the rollercoaster of a ride you have planned for mommy and daddy!

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  1. Ah little Luke you are a doll! Sorry Miche but I think Luke taught Colby how to color on walls. My kid never did that before he met Luke! Hahaha Just keep stickers out of sight longer than I did!