Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frustration, Christmas and Giving thanks!

Today is a very frustrating day. It didnt start out that way but it has ended up that way! As I stated in my previous post my son has decided that he doesnt want to sleep anymore. I was about to call it a Christmas miracle when the past two nights he slept through the night! (I am very grateful for that! My body was starting to feel the effects of no sleep!) However, naptimes are a completely different story. He has gone from taking two naps a day to almost zero! His naps have ranged from 15 minutes to the most at 45 minutes this past week. I love my son and i love spending time with him but his naptimes were great because that is when i was able to get things, cooking/baking, or just time for myself. So needless to say i havent been able to do very much this past week. So of course he decides to do this the week before Christmas when i have taken on the task of having my family to our place for Christmas. I do not deal well with disorganization (However you would never know it if you were to see my place right now!) and I was hoping for a day of cleaning and preparing for my family to come! Well that has gone down the tubes, my son has not napped all day and after fighting with him for 2 hours to take a nap i gave up on that ever happening! So my parents come tomorrow, the guest room is not clean, the litterboxes are not clean, the bathrooms are not clean and i cant bring myself mentally to sit down and plan out a food shopping list. I know that my family could care less, but its me that cares and takes pride in the fact that my house was well put together and clean.  I am not a great cook so it was something that made up for that!  Thus it is hard to let go and not get upset over! So lately my husband has been coming home to not only the most unelaborate meals but a messy disorganized house! I am grateful that he could care less, so i dont know why it bothers me so much! I guess cause i would like to put myself on that list of "supermoms" but fail that time and time again! But on the other hand i am grateful! I have come across blogs lately of other moms who's children deal with horrible diseases every day! One of them being EB (dont remember the full word..) But its basically a horrible skin condition that when their skin comes in contact with things it cause blisters and bleeding, rubbing the skin off, in some cases this is fatal! (thats the short of it) These children are in pain everyday but yet they still smile and their parents are still smiling and giving thanks despite their situations! Check out this mom's blog and her son Tripp These children and all children have so much to teach us. So screw the house, screw the cooking, screw the naptimes! (sorry if thats harsh!) But i'm grateful that we are healthy (minus a few colds!), I am grateful that we have a roof over our heads, i am grateful that my husband has a job, i am grateful that we have food on the table, i am grateful that we have clothes on our back, and most of all i am grateful that i have a saviour that came to earth only to experience pain and suffering on my part! So i sit here while my very awake son toddles around, destroying everything in his path and i am grateful that he can walk, that he can break things, and that he can scream at me! (although ask me again tomorrow! j/k!) And thus i'm learning to be grateful (and ok) with my not so clean house! Sorry for the crazy babblings but i need to go as my son is currently unwrapping all the gifts under the tree!
                                            Caught Red Handed,,but oh so cute doing it!
                                     "But i dont want coal in my stocking! I promise that i will be good!"

                                                              and then i turned my back!!

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