Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas, New Years and Little Birthday boy!

It would appear that I am behind on my posts a little! The craziness of Christmas will do that to a person I guess! Christmas was fabulous! We had my family over on Christmas Day and enjoyed a brunch of crepes and later on a Ham dinner! We were able to fit a little sledding in there and of course some gift opening! I don't do well with Chaos i decided, so thank you to my sister and mom for pitching in and helping!! (maybe this whole hosting thing is not my cup of tea!! oh well..could be the loss of sleep coming through?? maybe..?? We will use that as an excuse until further notice!)

Our next Christmas was spent in Red Deer with my Dad's side of the family..there was oh probably about 30 of us?? Once again Chaos!! haha! But i could handle it cause i wasnt hosting at least! Thanks to my aunt and uncle for doing that! We all got to meet my cousins wife from China for the first time! They both live and work there so it was nice to see them both!
                                       That is my cousin Danny in the middle and his wife Ying on the right

New Years Eve was what it usually was for us..relaxing and otherwise uneventful! (especially now with the little one!)  I'm not on to do resolutions cause i find that if there is something that i need to work on or change i can do that at anytime during the i guess you could say that i make little resolutions all year long! My resolution is to make resolutions all year long! I look forward to watching my son grow and change even more and thus me and my husband change as well! I know there will be challenges but i pray that the Lord will help me through each one! (thus this far i am surviving the sleep one!) Another challenge we face this year is the fact that I am not returning to work. (to my previous shop anyways!) We made the decision because I would not make sufficient enough money to cover childcare! So goodbye EI and hello one income! I will however be doing hair (i am a hairstylist) out of my house and travelling to clients houses as well! Hopefully this will generate enough income to get us by! I trust the Lord will take care of us and I know that all our needs will be met! And i believe that if anything should happen with Reuben's job our family will not let us end up in a cardboard box!! right?? right??  So fears aside we press on and look forward to a year filled with weddings (my best friends are both getting married!), family party's, playdates, moms groups, coffee with friends and the joy of our little boy! We wish everyone a happy New Year and the blessings that it shall bring!

Here a few pictures from our third Christmas with my husbands family in Three Hills. We celebrated my Niece Asha's first birthday as well! It was an enjoyable time with amazing food and cupcakes!

                                                                                     Happy Birthday Asha!

Today Marks the first Birthday of my little monkey Lucas! Its hard to believe one year ago today i was holding you in my arms picturing your little personality and what sort of man you will grow into one day! You are one spirited little boy with the cuteness of a button! Its a good thing your cute cause somedays when you are in getting into trouble it sure comes in handy! You love to snuggle and hug! (a change from your baby baby use to push us away if we held you too close!) Your daddy is the one who started calling you Monkey! And your antics are such that it has stuck!! (and it helps that your little ears stick out a bit! It makes you all the cuter!) You are teaching mommy the meaning of patience and love (a whole new kind!). We would not change a thing about you and pray that God will teach us as your parents the best way to raise you into a man of God!
                                                                    Birthday Pancakes!
                                                       Birthday present from Papa and Grandma
So happy to just play with paper of course!

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