Friday, April 29, 2011

One little Monkey

I decided that the fascinating/exciting thing about being a parent is the chance to watch your baby's personality develop with each passing day. As newborns you can't really tell much about their personality other than they dont like to be held a certain way or they are prone to gas! But before you know it they start to assert their little personalities. Lucas was...a very serious little baby, a stubborn baby, a happy baby all rolled into one! He did not just smile at had to work for that smile if it meant you had to jump around frantically waving and clapping your hands while you shook your face till your own slobber smacked you on the cheek! Than maybe...he might crack one little itsy bitsy smile!  But boy did he watch you..his little eyes would follow you in everything that you did as if he was judging if you were doing it correctly or not! Life sure got interesting as he grew into a toddler. Once he started moving and exploring his surroundings his little personality really started to shine through. He was holding in all those smiles so that one day he could shower us with his little goofy, quirky smiles and faces and knew that we would laugh right along with him! However he still does not smile at anyone..ask any random stranger in a store who comes up to him gushing about how cute he is and he looks at them like they are a green alien ready to take him away in spaceship! And i think that he spent those first 9 months watching us to learn how everything worked. How one day he would learn to push chairs and climb to as high as he could go. How the computer buttons or any buttons for that matter work. Where everything that he wouldnt be allowed to touch was tucked away and hidden in drawers or cupboards. Oh he watched..he watched everything! Just when u think u are one step ahead of him he figures something else out! But what i'm really beginning to learn about him is how gentle of a soul he has!  And i'm scared for him. I'm scared because i know that he will have his heart broken many times in his life. I'm scared because I know that he wont be the one to stand up to other kids when they are picking on him. I'm scared because we as parents have the responsiblity of teaching him how to make it in this world and how to be a man of integrity and stand up for what he believes in. So i pray, I pray for his future and for the confidence to stand up for himself. I'm hoping that his stubborness will come into play when it comes to things like that. But i have to say he is one smart cookie! I see him one day becoming an engineer or some sort of mechanics! He has a steady hand and concentration when it comes to figuring things out! Now if only we could work on that speech of his....if i hear "at" one more time...!! ("at" decoded means-cat, hat, any animal other than dog or fish, up, down, out.) So imagine my day considering how many things he climbs up and down, up and, at, at, at,at,at,at,at,at!! Haha! Oh my little monkey man...

Its the new look..its called " onion el a pasta"


I'm sick of paparazzi!!

The scrub down look after the "onion el a pasta"

Aspiring cook..or just loves to put lids on?

cooking mommy some food
yay for first time in the sandbox

figuring out the whole shovel and bucket thing

I call this the Godfather look "whatchya lookin at?"

he loved the feel of the sand!
carrying his baby sheep around in his easter basket!

child labour starts young!!

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