Thursday, May 26, 2011

When there was sun!!

         We finally were able to have a mini-family vaca last saturday for the long weekend! Our destination? Drumheller! We have not been in years! Growing up my family would go all the time for various reasons, whether it was helping Dad with his photography or just driving around checking out the scenery and running and climbing in the badlands! Neither Reuben nor I have been to the museum since we were little so we decided to check it out once more! Interesting? yes! Toddlerproof? No! I seem to remember that there use to be a children's area that was interactive and involved more hands on things...there is no such thing anymore, or my memory serves me wrong! Needless to say our trip through the museum was rather speedy to spare our sanity and possibly paying thousands of dollars because our child "broke" a dinosaur! The highlight of the trip for Lucas was spinning the little globes on stands and the life size saber tooth tiger which was deemed "at, at, at" followed by much pointing and wrestling with Reuben as he proceeded to try and climb the exhibit!

It was rather funny watching him trying to walk across the glass floor!!

We than checked out the splashpark which lasted for about 5 minutes when he realized just how cold the water was on his little tootsies! But yet screamed when we pulled him away and put his shirt back on...sigh..I can't win!

After that we headed to the hoodoos which i loved as a kid and we figured that Lucas could burn off some energy! He moved in about a 3 foot radius, checked out the rocks and sat down. So much for burning energy! Maybe there was less mosquitos at that level??

However we got rather bored and hot from standing there swatting at little incessant bugs that we drug him further up the hoodoos to try a little climbing...

He climbed..a little..and than once he turned around and discovered that it was a little uneven and steeper than he liked he backed down the slope!

Oh well, we had a little bit of a tan to help blend away the bug bites and Lucas had a steady diet of rocks and sand! Yum yum!

Just to show that we do exist as a couple...sometimes!

And to round of the day we crashed my aunt Connie's farm just west of drumheller and let Lucas terrorize her house as well! Thankfully she has raised three boys and there isn't much that hasn't happened in her house! Thanks Auntie!! :)
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