Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding in Review

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being in one of my close friend's Naomi's wedding while Reuben experienced single parenthood for a day! (when in all reality he had my parents help all day!!) These are the highlights of the day! Amazingly the weather held out! It was windy but the sun stayed out all day!

Naomi's new sister in law did a wonderful job on the cake!

The bouquets were absolutely gorgeous and the tables were amazing! Naomi put a lot of hard work into them even to the point of sewing her own table runners!

Our attempt at a family picture was of course the usual...Lucas refusing to smile..oh well I was happy with the cuddles and he was happy to see his mommy finally! (awe...sniff sniff!)

It was also a reunion of friends that haven't seen each other for almost 2 years! Lina's first time meeting Lucas! (Lina is in the bottom left picture on the right..she was in Korea for a few years.) My friend Elaine (bottom left picture on left) who was Naomi's maid of honor is getting married in July and Lina, Caitlin (top left picture) Naomi and I will be bridesmaids for that! Super excited for that as well! Elaine's fiance Chris is in the top left picture as well, and of course that is my handsome husband Reuben in the middle pic!

Unfortunately there wasn't any cake up the nose or hitting the walls behind them. I seem to remember that happening at someone elses wedding!! ;)

Congrats Naomi and Trevor! May you have many happy years to come!

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