Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2 going on 13??

      It's amazing how some days can feel like eternity but yet when you look back you realize that almost 2 and a half years have flown by! There is no little baby in this boy anymore! It has been an experience learning to deal with the hardships that toddlerhood brings but fun all at the same time! I'm sorry but if someone tells you that toddlers are misunderstood individuals..I would have to disagree...mommies are misunderstood individuals!! We can't win!
         "Mommy, I wan water!!!" I got get his cup, fill it up, wipe off all the crudd that seems to be stuck to the outside from breakfast time and take it to him. He takes it from me, hucks it on the floor and walks away yelling " I dun wanna it!!!" Ummm..ok...?? This is just one of the many situations that pans out throughout the day. "Lucas are you hungry?".."uh uh"..make him food/snack.."I dunn wanna eatttttttttttt!!!" Hmmm..ok? This seems to be the trend around here lately. His new favorite sentence is "I dunn wannnaaa!!". He's very lucky that he has a loving, patient, sane mommy! So I decided that puberty starts at 2! Awesome!
           Its amazing the things you have to come up with for sanity reasons when you are single-parenting for long stretches. I am still testing and trying new and different things to keep the little guy occupied so that I can wash dishes, do laundry, do grocery shopping, go pee..etc etc. I would like to compile that list here but sadly I am lacking in ideas...because just when I come up with something great one never works the next! Like I said...toddler puberty! Moods are unpredictable, slamming of doors happens a lot, "mommy I need you!!", "mommy go away!!". I'm sorry but I have one constant that works everytime if I feel like the marbles in my brain are about to roll out the door. Curious George! Yes that little curious monkey, who I am  pretty sure teaches my son all those naughty little things that he shouldn't be doing, captures his attention like a fish to water! Did I mention I love George?? (by the way every episode has a great little moral to it that I'm sure Lucas realizes and takes into consideration...right?) Yes toddler's are not suppose to watch too much tv, yes they should be playing outside, yes they should be reading books. Different days call for different measures!!! The same way that I need a timeout from him..he needs a timeout from me! And unless I want to change his room into a padded 4 walled cell..."Quiet time" in his room really does not cut it!

All tattooed up and eating chocolate..little rebel!

"helping" mommy do dishes!

He loved it..he had a bath before his bath!

      But this kid..this hilarious and will stop at nothing to make you laugh! He is goofy and the more he is learning to talk the funnier things that come out of his mouth!
 -a few weeks ago he was chasing our cat Rocco " I spank ya bum rocco..I spank ya bum"
 -when we head out the door to go somewhere/run errands as I'm putting on his shoes he asks "go church?" and than when I tell him no he starts naming all his little friends he can think of.."riwey?", "Kai?", "Colby?", "Micah?", "Zakee?", "Asha?"...this continues for about 5 minutes in the car until I have said no to every name he asks...I'm pretty sure I break his heart everytime..but I'm starting to get the feeling that he's sick of me..
-He's got a good memory and when he sees vehicles that look like vehicles of people he knows..he assumes that it is them when we are driving. ie- white suv is "Papa's car", white truck is "Colby's truck", silver suv is "Kai's car", dent clinic car is "Casey's car", black car is "daddy's car" and so on and so on.
- if he farts I say that he is stinky and he turns around and says "mommy's stinky!" Daddy gets a great laugh out of this!!
-Everytime I pull out my hair stuff to cut a client's hair he hops up into my chair "cut hair mommy??" I'm pretty sure he's the only toddler who loves to have his hair cut!
- He assumes that the color pink belongs to Bailey (the little girl that I watch) because she loves pink. So if he is using the pink fork at the table he always asks "Baileys?" and I always have to reassure him that its ok to use it!
-I had to take him to my waxing appointment for my legs last week and this morning he saw my bare legs patted them and said "all betta mommy, all betta"
-when brushing his teeth I get him to say Cheese which he does and than I say "cheese again" cause he always close his lips and he says "Cheese again!" Why wouldn't he?

Finally figured out how to "blow" bubbles

Teaching Rocco

First glimpse of summer weather

Actually kept his glasses on

Bailey not impressed with him squeezing in

Smart little bugger was lining up all the colored blocks!
       Regardless of the attitude most days its the little moments that get you through! The "wuv u mommy"s, the "tank u mommy", the "snuggles mommy?" I must be doing something right!! :) And by the way..when his daddy is home and he watches Lucas, he's an angel! Go figure!

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