Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pure boy

My days are full; full of life, full of mischief, full of dirt, full of screaming, full of laughter, full of hugs, and full of love and anger all rolled into one! We clash and than we hug. We laugh and than we cry. A rollercoaster of emotions for both mom and child! We miss our daddy and husband, so we busy ourselves to bide the time!

 So tentative for the first two years of life! Yet now he has unleashed the little rascal inside. Water has no fear anymore...headlong he goes. One day he will headlong into life with a strong will and perseverance that will take him places!

When he rides..he rides in style! Little legs trying to keep up with the spirit and curiosity that drive him forward!

Zebra has a special place in his heart and tags along on trips around the house. Zebra learns to drive..and when he falls, someone is there to kiss his "boo boos".

 Excitement bubbled up as he saw the costume daddy brought home. Nothing else was to be done until tigger was worn, NOW!

Through his eyes I see him contemplating his next move, his surroundings, the people that pass by...fingers stretched and pointing "Papa?" or "Daddy?" he asks. He analyzes every little boy, "colby?", not sure if Colby is bigger and looks different than the last time he saw him.

 He watches the older kids and wants to be like them...which usually requires a more watchful eye from his mama!

"Helping" papa. Helping spread the tools around or using metal pieces as stir sticks in papa's coffee when his back is turned. "Helping" rather, is turned into time spent with someone who understands the antics of a curious little boy, who has patience and knows that not much will be done with his "helper" around but is ok with that!
 These eyes absorb me, love me, watch me.

Why walk when you can jump? Curbs are made alive, steps new playgrounds, sandboxes great landing spots! Hospital is at bay for now!

He brings a lot to the table. "Very busy!" most say. "You must be tired" says others. "Yes" I say but in my heart I know that one day I will want that busyness back. I pray the Lord will help me to slow down and see life through the eyes of a 2 year old!

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