Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simply Glorious!

This post is about one week late!! Last weekend we enjoyed the lovely weather by spending it with family!! We headed down south to Reuben's brother Josh and wife Krysten's place in Sundance. As well Reuben's sister Mandy, who was home for a week from Ireland, came with us! I'm always amazed at how large Calgary truely is! Going south is like going to a completely different city! We had a great bbq of venison burgers, thanks to Josh, and than headed to the local neighborhood lake.

Lucas had a blast running around the deck and especially enjoyed the little yellow chair on which he showed us the proper way of sitting!

Lucas hamming it up with Uncle Josh! He loves to imitate and do what the "big" people are doing!! Whether is it sitting precariously on the edge of a chair or trying to strike up a conversation! The conversation usually goes something like "uh uh, at (point point), opa, woof woof". Lucas does have a furry cousin, Beau, but I somehow failed to get pictures of the two playing together.

Now that he has figured out how to put his sunglasses on he loves them!! He especially expects people to notice when he does and laughs and giggles until you say something like "cool dude!!" and than he rips them off and repeats the process!! Too cute!

Picture one with Auntie Dee lasted for about 2 seconds and than as I tried to take a second one he tried to run away! Can u say "ants in his pants"?

Give this child rocks, sand, grass, dirt, water, pinecones and he is happy!! Slide? what slide? I have sand!!!

Last year at this time I was lucky if i could get Lucas close to the water without him screaming his head off!! This year is a totally different ballgame! We had to hold him back so he wouldn't throw himself headlong into the water! New favorite thing is throwing rocks in water..any water..even my cup at times! Its even funnier when mommy screams cause she is wet!

He would have spent all day on that beach!! Happy as a clam!! The water was still slightly cold but he could care less!! He was getting dirty and wet!! Nothing could make him happier..unless there was food involved...

My little beach bum!! Many more beach days to come this summer, buddy, we hope and hope and hope!!

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