Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Lucas loves his daddy and when I say "daddy's home" he runs to the window and waits for Reuben as he comes up the steps and than proceeds to bang on the window until he is noticed! I have loved watching the bond grow between these two, and my love for my husband has only deepened watching him be a father! When Lucas was a baby it was hard for Reuben to bond with him but now that Lucas calls him "adda" and runs to him, its hard for my hubby to not let a huge smile spread across his face!! Lucas wants to be so much like his daddy and copies everything he does! I look forward to seeing these two in the years to come in everything they do..from working on cars, to teaching him to play soccer! He is a daddy's boy, that one!! Happy Father's Day babe!

I have also loved watching my dad morph into a grandpa or as his grandkids call him "Papa"! Lucas and Colby absolutely adore him and have never been scared of him! Lucas loves his Papa cuddles! I have an amazing father and am so happy that my child has an amazing Papa to look up to! He has always been there for us..even though he thinks that he wasnt sometimes, but I remember him always being there for the important stuff and working so hard for his family!! We love you Dad and Papa!!

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