Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lil stinker!

2 more days and my little boy will be a year and a half! Hard to imagine somedays that time has gone by so fast! He is not a baby anymore, he is most definately a little boy with a personality to boot! He is working on his vocabulary but has it downpact on how to vocalize what he wants! I find it interesting watching him grow and develop and seeing either myself or my husband in his personality! Of course right now because he is starting to throw fits and is genuinely being a little rotter most days, Reuben is labeling him as "your child". The sad thing is that I know he is right..I was the little rotter when I was little and because my mother cursed me with "one day you will have a child just like you" it would appear that has happened!! I take back my post about my child being the innocent, quiet one who is gentle and shy! (that would have been my husbands personality trying to shine through but was pummeled back by my more dominant, stubborn, little stinker personality!!) I'll have you know that I am no longer that little stinker personlity..although my husband might disagree!! Needless to say he has a mix of both personalitys..a mischeavous mix that is! Reuben was/is the quiet one who stuck to himself and was shy. I was shy as well but voiced my opinion when I did not agree with something or of course did not want to do what I was told! Lucas is quiet in crowds and likes to watch kids and home he has become loud and vocal, babbling away about nothing and screeching/whining/yelling at things,throwing toys,hitting and biting! Ask him to do something and he gives you this teenage look like "r u serious??" and turns his back and walks away..unless of course he decides that its something that he wouldnt mind doing! We have been working on baby signing, he knows the main ones like "please", "thank you" etc etc. However when you ask him to say please he turns his chin up at you unless its something he knows is extra delicious like a cookie or something! Stubborn? Oh my! Take away all that toddler attitude and he is still a little ham! He loves to make people laugh. He is still gentle, if you tell him to be gentle he will start petting you on the leg or head and than of course in the next second hit once again! Testing the boundaries is a daily occurrence! He has conversations with the cats..he will squat in front of them, look them in the eye and babble away and than of course body slam them! Thank goodness they are pretty tolerant! I blame the body slamming on his cousin Colby!! haha! This kid has little fear sometimes..I took him to the park the other day and he went on all the big kid slides by himself..even the twirly one..I didnt know whether to praise him or reprimand him so that he feared doing anything dangerous for the rest of his life!!! This summer is going to be a blast now that Lucas can play outside and run around! He loves water, sandbox's, pinecones, rocks, sticks, dog poop...all in all he would stay outside all day. Now if only the sun agreed with him and his fair skin! Thankfully he hasn't burned to bad yet..he is actually starting to get a little color and has a cute little farmer's tan! He is a boy through and through and loves to get dirty much to mommy's dismay! Actually if the mess is outside i'm ok with it! Since these pics were taken I have upgraded the tupperware pool to an actually kiddie pool. He was having a few issues climbing in and out, but loved it none the less!

check out these pipes!!

pouring water on himself
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  1. Looks like he's having tons of fun!! The tupperware pool is a great idea, very cheap and creative.