Monday, July 8, 2013

May 22-29, 2013

Packing, packing, packing and more packing! The countdown begins! Trying to pack a house with  one very busy boy and a fussy baby can be utterly frustrating and tiring! Thankfully Nana and Papa took Lucas for a couple days before moving day so that I could get down to business! But in the midst of it all I am trying to enjoy my kids and the stages that they are in and of course have a little fun with them!

First time in the bumbo..not so sure about it!

I took Lucas puddle jumping...we found a giant puddle across the street and
 he went swimming in it..literally...

Met this little miss today! Clara tiny and beautiful!

Goofy baby

So bright eyed! 
My fashionable son!

Packing for Nana's

I was trying to wake her up..she covered her eyes and wouldn't wake up...
don't blame her!

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