Monday, July 8, 2013

June 5 -June 12, 2013

Babies, babies, babies! Another baby girl was born to our great friends/old neighbors, (they use to be our neighbors...they aren't old..yet!haha!) Darcie and Casey on June 6. It will be so fun to see Adalynn grow up with friends so close in age to her! We are slowly getting settled in the new house but I really had to tame down on the packing as I felt like I was overdoing it and started to get dizzy from mear exhaustion! Things do not need to be unpacked all at once...unpacked boxes will be ok for one more day...this was my mantra going through my head! There are a few things that still need to be childproofed as well...or lets say "Lucas" proofed...he's not the average child when it comes to things like really have to think outside the box! Until than there is a lot of calling his name and chasing him around!

Never gets old for me or him!

Loves the jumperoo as much as her brother ever did|!

My "afraid of heights" husband hanging blinds

Adalynn meeting Rylie for the first time! 

Rylie wanting to be saved from the "crazy"

Checking each other out....

And eating each other...

So tiny and so much hair!!!

she was tired!

Her mommy used to make a double chin like that....use to I  said!

So peaceful

Baby Clara came for a visit...Lucas loves holding all the babies!!

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