Monday, July 8, 2013

May 29-June 5

"D" day has come, moving begins. I however did not capture any pictures of it as my camera ended up packed...and I was much to busy to even think about taking pictures! So here are a few from before and after we moved. Most all taken with my phone...took my awhile to find my camera...eeep!!

Reuben was able to sell his car before we moved which was a huge blessing that
we didn't have to take it with us! He did however shed a little tear...bye Saab!

The packed full living room

the other end

Lucas helping me make french toast for our first morning in
our new house!

He found daddy's cowboy hat. He asked where daddy's horse was....

Cuddles with baby girl in her new room

Exhausted from all the unpacking and excitement...we took a nap on the couch

Netflix entertainment and matching Elmo's!

Ikea fun...shelves for toy organization!

Precious boy!

Eating breakfast with my boy on our new deck while baby slept!

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