Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3, 2013 "Bubbles"

    Today, unfortunately, was mostly spent inside. Not because the weather wasn't nice but because when I woke up I felt like a truck had hit me! The after effects of yesterday..but it was so worth it to see the happy smiles on Lucas' face! The house is still a bit of a mess with Reno's happening that the usual things that Lucas likes to do can't be creativity comes into play at time. So as I was unpacking a few more things into the kitchen I found all the bubbles from the summer. Lucas was rather ecstatic to play with them! Luckily they kept him entertained for a good while..however I had to remind him how to blow them and to stop putting the wand almost in his mouth...mmmm...bubbles! And of course he makes the best pucker face!!
Oh to have his eyelashes!

And yes that is a sneak peak of the cabinets and floor....I will post pictures when all is said and done!

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