Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013 ``Pizza``

Somewhere amongst the tiredness yesterday I was actually able to meal plan for the week. One of my new favorite places to pull recipes from is pioneerwoman.com. She has some great recipes and lots of pictures to go with them. Anyhoo tonights dinner was one of her recipes..homemade bbq chicken pizza. The only downfall was that she didn`t post her recipe for her pizza crust...so I just grabbed a quick one out of a cookbook that I had. I would give the recipe 3.5 stars...as it would have been better with a different crust. So if anyone has any great and wonderful pizza crust recipe..PLEASE share!!! Otherwise it was tasty and was nice knowing that there wasn`t any added junk in it!
Anytime the mixer goes on...he is there!!! Love..perhaps?

He really wanted to help the mixer mix...had to keep an eye on him and than the spoon got confinscated!

The pizza

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