Monday, May 13, 2013

April 1-7 2013

    I've decided to change my picture blogging a little bit. Instead of everyday I want to post my favorite pictures of the week! Things have been slightly crazy with a baby, high demand preschooler, packing and dealing with moving soon so instead of stressing about a picture a day I want to focus on enjoying the pictures that capture the my favorite moments as the days go by!

     One of my favorite things so far about having Adalynn is watching how much her big brother adores her! He never seems to get tired of kissing, hugging, singing or holding her! I envision him being her protector when she is older but also envision the fights they will have as I had with my brother growing up!

Loving on her

He actually laid still with her on top for about 5 mins!

Hushing her

Exhausted from all that baby watching! haha!

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