Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April 23-30, 2013

I always thought that the days flew by with one kid let alone another! Time is passing and somedays too quickly. We bought Lucas his first pedal bike this week. (on a sidenote he doesn't know how to pedal yet because he has had his runbike) It took him awhile to warm up to it but after a couple days he was starting to get the hang of it! We also met up with my sister and a few of her relatives in Olds to do some bowling. The kids had never bowled before and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Definately will do that again! Adalynn is so much more alert now when she is awake and really starting to notice her environment and smiling at people now...however I have yet to capture it on camera of course!

Finally nice enough to bike outside and play!

Morning snuggles

So big already!

New bike

Whats up mom?

Blue eyed girl (2 months!)

The three cousins

Excellent bowling form!!

My sister hanging with Adalynn..till she started screaming of course!

Uncle Curt helping the kids..or learning from them!?!


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