Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 1-8, 2013

This week was full of so many fun things!! Lucas loved doing lots but that also led to many tired days and meltdowns! As much fun as it is to have something every day a few recovery days are needed as well! Lucas being the social little guy that he is wants to do something every day regardless of how tired he or his mommy might be...but I think it is important for him to learn to just "be" and enjoy home  time and "quiet" time, (even though quiet time in this house usually only lasts for 5 mins) so I try to make sure that we have a few normal days in a week. Adalynn so far just goes along for the ride and sleeps when she needs to sleep...I need to enjoy this before she starts getting into a more set schedule as outings will prove to be a little more difficult to plan around her! Its amazing to see the changes even a week can bring in her. She is so smiley now and loves to "talk" to you when you change her bum! Shes noticing more and more of her environment and wants to see everything going on.

Phone pics of the week: first family swim at Cardel with our NP church and Lucas
hamming it up on the way to Three Hills

Playing outside at his cousins house


Love his little face in this one! (Simeon)

Chilling with dad

Celebrating Sim's 1st Bday!

He was kicking his little feet so fast with excitement!

This is always what happens when I try to get pictures of these three! Enjoyed having
my sister and nephew stop in for the day. (my mom was also her spending the week)

Such a beautiful day..walk to the park!


Monkeying around

Trip to the zoo with mom

My beautiful mother!

For some reason when the hippos are outside Lucas is not scared of them..but
when they are swimming in their pool he will not go up to the glass cause he
is scared of the giant hippo butt!!! I guess things do look bigger in the water..haha!

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