Monday, January 24, 2011

A Snowy Day

I was so excited that the weather has decided to warm up! I could finally get outside to take some picture of Lucas for his 1 year photos! The Day started out very promising as we headed out to church..sunny and already 2 degrees above zero. We first had to make sure our child was napped and fed before we even could attempt to head outside..grumpy pictures just dont do kids or parents justice! So we headed out shortly after 3:00 to one of my favorite spots in Calgary, Bowness Park.  Now its not actually Bowness Park itself the I love but the many hidden treasures that lie around it. Its spots like this that make me love this city! I happened upon these spots when I use to live in Bowness approx 5 years ago. Well with that foggy brain of mine I seemed to forget about the sun starting to go down early in winter..especially since we were in a valley, so needless to say my idea of nice pictures with just a sweater and hair done all nice were thrown out the window! It was just too cold for us and the little bugger without the warmth of the sun. Regardless he still looked so darn cute all bundled up and had fun exploring his surroundings and of course getting pulled around! So without further adeiu the pictures from yesterday! (some of them anyways!)

There you have it, the poser and his poser dad! :P

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