Thursday, January 13, 2011

Too many faces?

I have been reading a lot of inspiring blogs lately. Or people that have found inspiration or lack there of! I am probably listed under the category of lack there of. I was never one to find inspiration but throughout my life it has landed upon me in the most uninspiring moments. I seem to be inspired by stories that usually end in tragedy. Why? I'm not sure. I think it is because these stories and people seem to inhabit the strength and empowerment that I am not sure I could possess if I was to be faced with the same situation! Sure I would like to think that I could but in all reality in the back of my mind I'm not so sure. For example: the Coble family in the states who lost their 3 kids in car accident! To go from Parents with children to just parents! (there was a miracle that happend a year after the accident that you should look up and read!)When i hear of stories like that the fear creaps in that God will one day test me with that..with a tragedy that i'm not sure i could withstand! But than that verse comes into my head about God not giving us more than we can handle. He must know what we can handle..cause there are days that I sure dont know! And i am sure that these people had at one point thought these things as well. But it is the faith that perseveres...that brings them through. God doesnt let us down! So that is what i have to be inspired faith that is smaller than a mustard seed at times but able to possess the strength to bring down mountains of fear. Cause God is so much bigger than these mountains!! I as well can not live in fear of something happening to my child..yes i would like to put him in a bubble, but i know that i cant, so i need to trust God! I leave you with the many faces of my little monkey...someone commented on his different expressions at the swimming pool yesterday..he does have a lot! He shows every emotion..something that i think we tend to loose as we get older cause we dont want people to know our different "faces"!
Up to Something face

Bored face

whining face

i'm so cute face

mad face

i'm a cheese face

snuggle face complete with the sound effects of "awwww"

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