Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boys will be Boys!

I just got back from a 2 night trip to Three Hills. Now that my "free money" is up (ie-EI) and because I have decided that i will not be going back to work at my old salon I will be making monthly trips out to Three Hills to cut some hair! Why Three Hills you may ask! Well, i have free childcare there! My mom as well as my mother-in-law have both volunteered to watch my darling boy while i galavant around to different houses cutting hair! Now not only do I appreciate the services that my dear mother provides for me, my sister has been using these services as well! And because she needed to be de-mulletfied she decided to come at the sametime as I. Well poor Nana's house looked something like this
who done it??

"It was Jack!!"

Colby looking pretty guilty!

Oh well lets mess them around a little more!
As far as I know my mother survived..she was still standing when i left her this morning! However the far off stare that she was starting to get in her eyes was starting to concern me! It was sure cute to see the cousins interact though..Lucas was learning what it would be like to be the second child and Colby..well he was using Lucas for practice should there be a threat of any future siblings! Lucas is no longer sure if it is safer to back himself into a corner and hide from the rampaging older cousin or too fake being tired so that he can be placed in his playpen in a quiet room! Either way he shall be walk around he does. Hes learning how to pick himself up off the floor a lot faster thats for sure! I do think that for the rest of his life however, when the word "football!" shalt be shouted within range of him he will shudder and freeze waiting for the inevitable contact of his cousin tackling him to the ground! What doesnt kill them makes them stronger right?? right?? However crazy Colby can be Lucas adores him..i have proof!
eating grapes together

it may appear that he is stealing his bowl but is moving it closer so that Lucas can get at the grapes!

monkey see monkey do

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just chilling eating some grapes

I am excited to see the adventures these two boys will experience together as they grow up! Although the mom inside of me is cringing...slightly.

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