Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Morning World!

Today is my lucky day!! I was awoken to the fresh smell of coffee and my darling son playing quietly on the floor, already fed and dressed, the newspaper laid out on the table ready to be skimmed over and my breakfast hot and piping waiting on the table! OH WAIT..*poof*..that was just a dream! I was greeted by the coughing fits of my still sick little boy (did i mention that his bday party is on saturday and we are both sick as dogs??) "Oh boy" i thought as i rolled out of bed swallowing past the still sore lump in my throat, "Another sick day at much for getting shopping done for the party!". You see, you would think that i would have been greeted by the stench of his exploded diaper when i walked in his room but my nose has been gloriously plugged since yesterday and he is still in his growbag and all jammied up! Poor little guy decided that his morning mosturizer would consist of rubbing his now draining nose all over his face!! (sorry for you that are a little queasy!) "Ok, easy fix!" A little rubbing of the kleenex and we are good as gold! I am still nursing him in the mornings so proceeded to do the meantime my nose had decided that it is going to unpack its bags and allow me to breath again!! BIG MISTAKE!! The only time i wish it hadnt decided to do so!! As my darling boy looked up at me and smiled and batted his long little eyelashes at my now scrunched up face!! "What mommy??" Maybe all that butternut squash soup i fed him last night was not such a good idea afterall! "How bad can it be!" i thought! So the morning ritual of changing his diaper began and i was ready to call in the troops! "Why cant i have one more hand?" i thought as i peeled back his onsie that was now glued to his back almost to his neck! Did i mention that my tub is unusable at this time due to renovations? Our baths have recently taken place like this
Needless to say he has loved creating tsunami's in the kitchen! His mother on the otherhand isnt sure were to find higher ground! Anyways back to my my buck naked son at this point is now standing in my tiny bathroom sink while i try to rub him down! That standing didnt last long though and he proceeded to sit and make it that more difficult to try to wash the soap of his little squirmy slippery body! Well somehow inbetween Lucas trying to turn on the taps and burn himself and me trying to hold onto his snake like body and move all the seemingly innocent toys (scrapers, mallets, tile!) away from the clutches of his hands and wash the soap off ,we exited the bathroom in one piece (i think! My mind might be floating somewhere in the sink!) So Good Morning World!! Lucas is now squeaky clean minus the dripping from his little orfices on his face and perfectly whinney to take on the day with his mother covered in "I'm not sure what the slime is on my shirt!" clothes..and of course i just rolled out of bed look! Please no knocking on my door today, you there sales people, ups man, friends, girl scouts or lost little child! I dont need to give anybody the heebeejeebees today!

                                                  This is his i'm about to do something bad face
                                             "Umm, why do you look like that?? So embarrassing!"

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