Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do/did the most crazy things with

Sorry this one might be a little lameo. And i'm going to blame it on being a mom now and the fact that i dont make it out of the house very often to really do any crazy things anymore! haha! Hence why i changed the title to do/did. In order for me to do anything remotely crazy it takes someone to pull me out of my comfort zone. Someone who makes life exciting, interesting, is very passionate and does things spurr of the moment! Ask my husband..i am not a spurr of the moment person but pair me with the right person and I can become one! So after much thought i had to choose two pics for this. The first one is a pic of one of my best friends in High School, Amber. We used to do the craziest things sometimes and always had a good laugh!! We've lost touch over the years but i dont forget her thats for sure!! I look forward to reconnecting and catching up one day! :) The second is my friend Tracy. We met in Hair School and were friends from the beginning. She is just that type of person that draws you in with her infectious laugh and exciting demeanor! I was proud to have her in my wedding and to see her little girls grow from babies! She moved to Ontario over a year ago with her family and I miss them dearly! Hope to visit them there one day!

Amber Hazelton

Tracy and her girls Julia and Emma with me on the little train in Bowness

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