Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day One- Picture of yourself and 10 facts

haha..this one was a little tough to find a photo because i'm always the one taking the pictures! So i had to do a little croping but this is the most recent one i could find.
now on to the tougher part the facts...
1. I am a mom to the cutest little guy who is 14 months (ok that was easy)
2. I am not going back to work full time, but work for myself doing hair so we dont have to put Lucas is daycare
3. Although my hair is down in this picture, that is a rarity and it is usually up in a ponytail because i cant stand hair in my face, especially when i'm chasing a toddler around all day.
4. I was really shy when i was younger. it wasn't until i moved to Calgary and started doing hair that I overcame this. Now u cant shut me up! haha! j/k!
5. I'm a bit of a girly girl but still have a bit of tomboy in me. (ie. i love cars, snowboarding, wearing hoodies and jeans and one day i will be jumping in puddles with my son!)
6. A lot of people dont know that my hair is actually curly and not naturally straight. Love my flat iron!
7. I am a Christian, and God is constantly working in me and hopefully sometimes through me!
8. I am a bit of a neatfreak but you wouldn't know it sometimes when u see my house. I choose to put blinders on otherwise i would drive myself insane cleaning and straightening toys all day. (i even have Lucas' toys organized into crates/baskets...puzzles in one, cars in one, blocks in one etc. and it drives me nuts when they get mixed up!lol which is daily when Reuben puts them away! I love him for it though!)
9. I met my husband Reuben on the internet even though we are from the same area and I knew parts of his family and he knew parts of my family, etc. That was definately God's doing! :)
10. I never thought that mommyhood would be as hard as it has been somedays. I never thought that it would be as rewarding either!! I now understand the fierce love that our Creator has for us!! (and His is perfect!)

Ok..that wasnt that hard..i could probably keep going too but these r the top ten that i could think of off hand! :)

ok one more that i just thought of

11. I'm a bit of a grandma when it comes to doing things. I love to do puzzles, play boardgames, and sew. (i know boring, hey?)

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