Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 5- Picture of your favorite memory

Oh there a thousand favorite memories to think of but some of my best memories of course r from getting married and having a child. So i'm sorry but i had to choose two photos because they are equal in value to me!

The first one is me and Reuben on our honeymoon in Mexico. It was blast. We did a ton of stuff in one week, tours, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, shopping...The beaches were gorgeous, the weather was gorgeous and I had an amazing time with my "new" husband! This was before post-baby body and no one else to worry about other than the two of us! :)
The second is the birth of Lucas. I have never experienced the overwhelming love and joy to that extent than in the moment that Lucas was born. This is a picture of Reuben getting to hold our new son for the first time..if you look really close you can tell that he was crying as well! Its amazing how your love changes for your husband the moment you see him become a father!  Love these two with all my heart!

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