Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow and as of late!

Just when I think this winter is going to end it keeps coming back with a vengence! No its not a tsunami but once it melts it could turn into one! With each snowflake that falls I think my mood falls with it. I am trying to be upbeat and excited and i pull the shades and try to block out the whiteness that surrounds are house and the green that fails to appear. Unfortunately that only lasts while we are in our pjs and than our regular day/errands have to begin and once again we bundle up and trudge out to the car and pull the dreaded snowbrush out once again!! A good day is the days that you dont have to pull that out, and I actually get excited about that!! Funny how i get excited about not using a snowbrush! Lucas loves being outside now; he looks out the window and says "out" only to be reminded that once again today is not the day to go out!

can u tell hes excited to see the snow..again!!??

this is how he likes to look out the if only it didnt move..
 I was reminded to be thankful, however, when I had to drive to Three Hills this week to do hair. I was thankful for my all wheel drive car that kept me safe on some "iffy" roads and thankful that Calgary does not have nearly as much snow!! (sorry you three hillians but i was happy to leave!!)

parents house and yes that is the roof of my car to the left

Lucas being dwarfed by the snowbank..well actually hes already kinda small!! :P

parents backyard (this would have been pretty back in November but find it hard to look
at near the end of March!!!)
oh look a wet spot without snow!!! Thanks for finding it Lucas!
It doesn't suprise me to have the big snow fall in March because it virtually happens every year! Normally we have a glimpse of spring before that happens and even have leaves starting to budd on the trees! NOPE none of that happening here. Everything is in extra hibernation this year! So forgive me if i seem a bit under the weather (snow!!). The warmth will day..and the snow will day.. and we will go outside and play in green grass without Lucas eating all the rabbit poop that lies dormant under the day! (i still think that he will manage to find poop though...blah!) Lets just pray that my mind reappears with the warm weather!! :) The longer the winter goes the higher my child climbs...literally!! He is just too smart for his own good/safety. He knows how to push items up to the kitchen chairs/desk and climb upon them..he does it in record time too, like when i have to pee of course!! On such occasion i reappeared from the bathroom to find him on the kitchen table holding an orange in one hand and a pear in the other and of course that little rotten monkey smile that he so graciously puts on as if to say "i was hungry!!" Now some of you might be thinking thats not so is when my child isnt even as tall as the table and still has tendencies to fall off one stair and gain large goose eggs on his head! So yes..mild heartattack and one more thing to say "no!!!!!!!!!!" to! Oh and he has wandered onto the desk as well to play with the coveted computer that he is definately not allowed to took me an hour to get it working properly again!! He is currently conspiring about how to get ontop of the kitchen counters..pushing kitchen chairs over to the counter and using the oven drawer full of stuff to climb onto the chair...fortunately his foot got stuck in the roaster before he made his way to the chair! Yay for the roaster! I often walk through the house swearing i smell "burning" from the wheels that are turning in that small little head of his! So I wait..I wait for the day that "timeouts" can be used and the word "no" might actually have some impact (although i dont know if it ever will!). My "no"s are met with silly laughs and him turning to run the other way. And just when i think i have made the scariest most sternest face and said "No" like a creepy monster that lives in the lagoon, he looks into my eyes, puts his head back and starts laughing at me! Similar to this picture...(maybe i need to stop making weird faces to make him laugh...oops!)

goofball...oh and he's wearing my parents dog Jack's winter vest!
So once again forgive me if i want the snow to go away so we can go climb actual play things!! On the upside our mom's group on Friday mornings has grown..i think it has to something with all of us needing to join together and rebuild that part in our brain that sees us rocking back in forth in a corner somewhere!

So enough about snow.  I can't believe my little monkey is almost 15 months. Its funny how before you have kids you can picture yourself with a baby but never picture yourself with a toddler! A toddler is a whole nother ballgame! Its not that i didnt think babies grew i just didnt think past the baby stage! Ironically i didnt love the baby stage as much as i thought i would..probably because i didnt take into account the many hours of bouncing a gassy baby, rocking an overtired baby, and one word "blowouts"! ha! Yes the toddler years bring new challenges but it is so fun to see his little personality coming out..he is a different child from when he was a baby. i:e-was a horrible nurser/now is a fabulous eater, wasnt cuddly and hated facing you/now loves to face you and give hugs, hated his belly/now he sleeps on his belly, hardly smiled/now he smiles at everything, was such a serious baby/now is a crazy little goofball! It has been a joy to see the change and thankfully for the good! He is becoming more independent but is attached to me now more than ever! I love that i can kiss away his boo boos and stop his crying almost instantly just by picking him up! (although it gets tiring somedays and wish that someone else could...) It makes me feel more like a "mother" should. Before i was more "milk cow", now i am "mommy"! So enjoy these pics of my little monkey in his day to day little antics!
snuggles with daddy!

oh you know just hanging out reading a book!

best smile ever!

this is his "i'm cute" face!

new climbing spot...under the table

trying to sneak cookies!

story time with cousin Asha

cousin Asha

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