Thursday, March 3, 2011


Reuben was talking with our neighbor last night about how many words Lucas can say now, and he said 10. I said "no i dont think that many" but sure enough when we started counting how many he says it added up! I just didnt want to believe that my little monkey is growing up so fast and is getting smarter and smarter all the time! Here are the words that he can say (mind u because we r around him all the time we understand what he means when he says them!)
1. Dad
2. Mom
3. Hi (and waves)
5. Cat
6. Hat (sounds very much like cat but he touches his head when he says hat!)
7. All done (sounds more like All doe)
8. Tractor (minus the t)
9. crash (unfortunately sounds like ass)
10. night night
11. out (and points out the window)
He also waves bye bye but he doesnt say it yet! Its amazing to watch them grow everyday and something they didnt do yesterday they all of a sudden do today! I took a short video of him talking a bit!

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  1. aw. so sweet michelle. milo's still figuring out certain words. his word for penguin is very profane and try as we might we can not get him to say penguin. he really loves them as well so we here the word a lot....the word he uses starts with an f and ends with ins. hope you're having a good week! see you tuesday!