Wednesday, March 30, 2011

our messed up world!

As many of you know you have seen or heard all about the caflufful with the guzoo! Yes it is stupid and no i don't think that they should be shut down! They have worked hard for that farm and could use more help in ways of donations etc. What gets me, is the endless pursuit of these anti-guzoo people; the fight, the phone calls they make, the hours spent researching and lobbying against what they believe to be such an injustice. Forgive me if i'm wrong but there are much larger injustices in this world than what they think is "supposedly" going on at the guzoo!! What would happen if they used all that pent up energy and money and spent it where it counts? Focused on fighting for the "right: cause? Here is a story about a little boy in the ukraine (i believe) that was denied being adopted by a judge solely because he has Down Syndrome. His forever family raised the money and flew across the world to take him home and in one word "NO" their world was brought crashing down!! This judge believed he was better off in a institution tied to some bed rails for the rest of his life!!! Where r people's hearts?? If u want to see/read more check it out here. It breaks my heart!! So please, pray for this family!! Pray that hearts will be changed and Kirill can come home and live happily with a family that loves him to death!! Yes animals are important too because God loves them too but has He not called us to do more? Patricia Heaton is donating a $1 for every new member that follows Reece's Rainbow (the organization that helps with overseas adoptions of children with DS) on twitter. You can check it out here. So if you think those animals are being unjustly taken care of...(which they arent) research what goes on in Europe if you are a child born with DS or any other genetic disease!! Thats where people should be putting their energy!!
P.S- and this is coming from an animal lover myself! But i'm also a mom that believes every child deserves to be loved!!!

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